Iowa Thunderbird SC Club June 2015 Meeting
June 27th @1:00 pm


The Thunderbird Super Coupe Club of Iowa

thunderbird super coupe iowaClub Founders (Mike, Dan, Dave, Brandon and Dale) at the Organization Meeting.  The Super Coupe Club of Iowa is a widely diverse group of people who enjoy driving Super Coupes and having fun.

tbirdsThe Super Coupe Club of Iowa has been formed to not only promote and preserve our limited edition Thunderbirds, it is also a way to get together regularly, enjoy our cars and meet new friends.

Since the club’s inception in August of 2001 we have been assembling a growing network of knowledgeable individuals, automotive businesses and parts connections to help in our preservation efforts.

Members have been taking advantage of some great discounts from these sources and have been able to save a lot of money and time when making repairs and upgrades.

If you own a 1989-1995 Supercharged Thunderbird or Supercharged 1989-90 Cougar XR7 and you like to have fun and meet new people, why not  join us?

Although our name is “Super Coupe Club of Iowa” we would also like to include SC owners from the surrounding states. To become a member of the Super Coupe Club of Iowa just  contact us! It’s as easy as that!

You don’t even have to own a Super Coupe to hang out with us! All Thunderbird and Cougar owners, as well as any other Ford powered vehicle owners are always welcome to participate in any of our club’s activities.


to mark you calendar so you won’t forget about our next club meeting!!!
See our Upcoming Events page for the date, time, driving directions and the location maps.

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