SC / GTP Club Clash I & II

tn_racedayDuring the winter of 2001-02 we were contacted by the Iowa Pontiac GTP Owners Club and they wanted to know if we would be interested in putting together a SC vs. GTP racing event at one of the local drag strips. The Idea was to get together and bracket race our cars and the winner would take home a small trophy.

We thought, “WHAT THE HECK, WHY NOT, It’s another great way to have fun with our cars and we could meet some new people too”.

Brandon “Holeshot” Ellis in Action!!! That race took place on April 20th 2002 at TriState Raceway and it was only in the low to mid 40’s that day. The up side to it being a cool day was that we didn’t have any trouble cooling the cars down after a run! At the end of the day our club took first and second place at the event.

brandon_holeshotWe (both clubs) had so much fun that we decided to do it again! The “CLUB CLASH II” event was moved from Earlville to Cedar Falls because we couldn’t get track time at Earlville on the Sunday we wanted to race. (IHRA Points Race in Town). We added a few new cars to line up on both sides and at the end of the day, Club Clash II went to the GTP Club by just .0003 of a second!

That set up the tie-breaker ……. So, on October 6th we once again faced off against our new friends at the Iowa GTP Club. The event went back to Tri-State Raceway in Earlville. To find out how it turned out CLICK HERE.

Club Clash gets bigger and better every time we get together, and it’s a “ton of fun” for all who come. You don’t have to race, you can just come and watch if you want to. As with most all drag strips, your spectator admission will allow you to park with us and hang out with us or sit in the stands and watch … or both! You aren’t just stuck in the grandstands!

If you would like to come and be a part of all of the fun, please email me and let me know. My Email address is:

| Earlville Area Map | Track Location Map |

SC Club in the pit area getting ready to run! Dale and Al in the pit area! Dale and Al again!
GTP's in the pit area, a few are out making passes! Hangin' out in the Pit Area waiting for the cars to cool down! Tryin' to say cool under one of three trees at the track!
THE COMPETITION! - GTP Club of Iowa Cars! Warmin' up the rear skins! - a.k.a. Showin' Off!!!! Casey, Cool as he wants to be!!!
Vice President Dale - Checkin' out the Competition! A very quick Mustang! Smoke-up if ya got-um!
This burnout was so long my Digital Camera had time to reload!!! Front wheels in the air! Need I say More?
A very cool Blast From the Past! Hooked Up! Very Cool!!!!

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