SC / GTP Club Clash III

By Michael Albee (Oct 11, 2002)

dalerun1Club Clash III is in the books and everyone that attended had a great time. This event is getting bigger and bigger and it looks like it has quickly become a major part of our club’s social calendar.

As a result of our accomplishments at Club Clash III we will be adding a new feature to our website. It’s called “Fastest Iowa SC’s“.

There are now five (5) Iowa SC’s in the 14’s. These five include, Casey, Brandon, Dale, Mike and Al. (Note: If you want your car on the list, you need to scan a copy of your best time slip and email it to me or send it to me via snail mail! Each entry must have been witnessed by a club member to qualify for the list).

Brandon holds the top spot on the list after he turned low ET of the meet (for the SC’s) with a 14.377 @ 97.31 mph. Dale posted his best effort to date at 14.632 @ 92.93 mph. His previous best was a 15.05.

mikeburnoutMike and his ’93 cooking the tires before a run! With a few minor modifications, Mike moved into the 14’s by cutting almost a half second off of his E/T. His best pass of the day was a 14.816 @ 93.48 mph and that moves him just ahead of Casey who post his best time in June at Club Clash II in Cedar Falls.

Al rounds out the top five after he posted a 14.996 on his third past ever.

The results from Sunday are as follows.

Brandon, Josh (4.6 V8), Al and Mike all got taken out in the first round, and Tony (5.0 HO) and Dale were the only 1st round survivors. Tony got taken out in round 3 and Dale broke out in the finals or he would have won. Dale posted his best time ever …. with the brakes on!

stagingThis means that the traveling trophy is living with a GTP’er in Minn this winter, (Boo) but the Iowa GTP Club has assured us that they will give us three more chances to get it back in 2003.

The staging area There were a total of 14 cars at the event on the 6th including one from Minn and one from Wisc. (Both were GTP’s … come on you guys from Out of state, we could use a little help here)!

We had 11 drivers that got into the “Cash Purse Program” and the total purse for the event came to $33.00. The split gave the bracket winner $22.00 and the runner-up $11.00. The entry fee for the Cash Purse Program was just $3.00.

The next Club Clash is being planned for late April or early May of 2003. The date depends on the spring weather. (Fastest Iowa SC’s) (Club Clash History)

Here are some pictures of Club Clash III!

Mike on his way into the 14's Tony making a run! Not quit enough to get the GTP but it's a nice run!
GTP vs. Mustang Dale taking on a GTP More GTPs
Al's staging for his 3rd run ......... ......... it's good for a 14.996! Sweet Bantom
Bantom and Mopar line it up! It's Green! The Bantom takes the win!
Very Nice Duster! 2 GTP's making tracks (With the front wheels? ... What's up with that?) 9 second Nova
The finals ............. Dale on his way to a record time ...... and a break-out! Dale takes second ....... Are those Brake Lights I see?

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