Club Clash IV Evens the Score!

By Michael Albee
(April 28, 2003 – Earlville Ia.) – Almost one year to the date of the inaugural SC/GTP Club Clash, both clubs returned to TriState Raceway to face off in what would be hailed as the “Best Event Yet” by drivers and fans.

rd1-dalevsalThe day started out cool, but as the competition heated up, so did the temperatures. Competitors from both clubs took advantage of cool temperatures early in the day to make some very impressive runs, and it only got better as the time trials and the brackets began.

During the event several races were very hotly contested. Some of them even came down to a few tenths of a second. But the closest race of the day came when Dale P. and Al matched up late in the 1st round.

Dale dialed a 14.80 and Al dialed a 14.90. As the light turned green Dale took a slight advantage off the starting line. Al jumped out front by the 330′ mark but Dale was able to run him back down and they both crossed the strip with identical elapsed times. The only problem was that Al had run .057 seconds faster than his dial-in which handed Dale the 1st round win.

rd1-dalevsal-finishThere was only one GTP left standing when the semi-final round was called to the staging area. By the time the finals came, it was an SC and a Cougar battling for the “top honors” of the day. If not for a red light, the Cougar would have been a formidable test. All I can say is “Thanks Fred, I needed that!”

With the win on Sunday by the SC Club of Iowa, the tally now stands at 2 wins a piece after 4 events. So now it’s time for some to regroup, and others to make improvements for the next club clash. (Final Brackets)

rd1-rodneyvsdalevThe next event will be held at Cedar Falls Raceway on Saturday July 12th at 2:00 pm. We will once again faced off against our good friends at the Iowa GTP Club.

We have also learned that after our event on July 12th there will be a group of “street racers” at the track so some of us will be staying late to sample a few of the “rice dishes” if you know what I mean !?!?!

Club Clash gets bigger and better every time we get together. We’d love to have everyone come out and have some fun with us. You don’t have to race, you can just come and watch if you want to. As with most all drag strips, your spectator admission will allow you to park with us and hang out with us or sit in the stands and watch … or both! You aren’t just stuck in the grandstands!

If you would like to come and be a part of all of the fun, please email me and let me know. My Email address is:

| Cedar Fall Raceway Map & Driving Directions |

Here are some more pictures of Club Clash IV!

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