Club Clash V – Record Setting Fall Event!

By Michael Albee

(October 5, 2003 – Earlville Ia.) – With Club Clash IV being hailed as the “Best Event Yet” by drivers and fans alike, some of us thought it would be tough to beat all of the fun and excitement we had at the spring race. Nevertheless, it was with great anticipation that the participants of the fifth installment of the SC/GTP Club Clash returned to TriState Raceway.

As the track opened for the “Test-n-Tune” session, the thermometer was only reading in the low 50’s. The lower temperatures proved to be a big plus, and before the day’s competition would end, several new records would be established, and some new names would grace the “Clubs Fastest” list.

We were just beginning to prepare for our first runs of the day when we were greeted by GTP club members that told us of some earlier runs that were their personal best. We soon found out that it wasn’t just their cars that were hooking up, ours were too ….. The record pace continued throughout the day as run after run were posted below our normal efforts.

Time trials began just after 11am and the competition heated up as the seven Grand Prix’s and the seven Thunderbirds faced off for the winter bragging rights and a trophy. As round after round went into the books, the pairings got more and more interesting. In the final round, it was Matt Rasmunson representing the GTP Club and Dale Viner flying the SC Club colors. Rasmunson took the win by a hole-shot over Dale Viner with a pass of 15.596.

For his efforts, Matt picked up the “Club Clash” trophy and because he got into the drivers pool, he also picked up an extra $20.00 in gas money!

With Rasmunson’s win on Sunday, the advantage now goes to the GTP Club by a 3 to 2 margin in the 2 year old clash. (Final Brackets)

Our next event is tentatively scheduled for the end of April 2004, so we will have ample time to regroup a little, and make some changes and other improvements for the next club clash.

If you would like to be involved in the next Club Clash we’d love to have you come out and have fun with us. You don’t even have to race. We had several people and even a few SC owners drop by to watch. As with most all drag strips, your spectator admission will allow you to park with us and hang out with us or sit in the stands and watch … or both! You aren’t just stuck in the grandstands!

Club Clash gets bigger and better every time we get together. Don’t miss out on anymore of the fast paced action and the fun of meeting some new friends. If you would like to come and be a part of all of the fun, just drop us an email and let us know. The Email address is:

Here are some more pictures of Club Clash V!

TCCOA Thomas in the tech line Swapin' stories with Dan from Iowa GTP The Birds are Nesting
Cooling down in the PIt Area GTP Pit Area GTP's in the staging area
GTP's in Staging Tbirds in the Staging Area Staging Area looking toward the burnout area
GTP's in Round 3 Round three results Buick Grand National feeding on some Rice!
Dale & Matt in the Finals Final Round Results Mustang Burnout (He broke it when he launched!)
The meanest Cyclone I've ever seen! Cyclone - Side View Rear View
56 Chevy vs. Honda Civic Chopsticks Optional! Matt Rasmuson with his trophy and tha cash!

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