Club Clash VII – No Contest!

By Michael Albee
(June 5, 2004 – Earlville Ia.) – Club Clash VII turned out to be just a test and tune session at TriState Raceway because the GTP club couldn’t make it! A wedding and some other last minute things.

We still had a good turn out and it gave us some needed seat time.

The fastest run of the day was a 14.289 at 97.11 mph in my 91 SC. This was it’s first time at the track and I’m expecting better time out of it when i get the chip burned.

The next Club Clash will be held on October 16th. The GTP club will be on hand and we are expecting participants from Ia, Ill, Mn, Ne and Mo. to be in attendance. So if you want to have some fun, why not show up. There’s always room for more!!!

The Club Clash will be going through a little change over the winter and we will have a different format in 2005 as it continues to get bigger and better. Keep watching this website for more news on the 2005 Club Clash.

If you would like more information about the Club Clash, just drop us an email and let us know. The Email address is:

Here are some pictures from Club Clash VII!

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