Club Meeting and Picnic

(May 25th)


meeting1What a great day for a meeting and our first club picnic! The weather was just beautiful!

The club meeting was very brief. We discussed several things including the purchase of several banners for the club, our club window decals and our list of upcoming events.

Following the meeting we hung out for a while, did a little bench racing, twisted a few wrenches and waited for a few late arriving guests. (They had to work!) When everyone had arrivied, it was time for the Potluck/BBQ. We had a large variety of food and if you got up from the table hungry, it was your own fault!

picnic11st Annual SCCoIA Summer Picnic We started out with assorted chips, homemade salsa and a few refreshing beverages. The attention then turned to the main menu, which included BBQ Maid-rites, a Ruben casserole, Jambalaya, Cajon style baked beans, green bean casserole, a Beef/Rice casserole, Potato Salad, Pea Salad, watermelon, and Strawberry pie.

After the potluck we all took a few moments to wish Bill “Zippy” and Shawn our very best as they move south to New Orleans. They have both assured us that this isn’t the last we will see or hear of them, and we extended them an open invitation to come back to visit us Anytime …. In response to that, Zippy installed a 70mm Throttle body on Linda’s T-Bird. (Hey Zip, your talents will be missed).

strawberryStrawberry & Cream Pie About 7pm or so, several of us headed over to the car show at B-Bops. We spent about an hour looking over the large variety of early iron and late aluminum in the parking lot and then returned to help Zippy replace a noisy rear wheel bearing.

The days festivities ended around 11:30 pm and while leaving, one of us even gave a drunk a ride to the bar. (Can you say, “DP’s Taxi Service”)?

danheadliteThe next major club event will be held on June 28th. That is the date of the First Annual Midwest Ford Shootout. It will be a bracket race event like our Club Clash event is. It will be held at Cedar Falls Raceway and is being presented by Mustang Central.

Changing Dan’s headlight Our next meeting will be in Cedar Rapids on July 20th after the Eastern Iowa ALL Ford Show at Westdale Mall.

The meeting information is available n the “Upcoming Events” page.

Don’t forget, the new club t-shirts and our club hats are now available. See the Club Apparel Page for more information.

This summer is going to be packed with all types of events that will be suited to everyone’s taste and budget. Be sure to let us know which one’s you want to be included in, and if you have any other Ideas for outings or things we can do as a group, we’d love to hear them! Drop me an Email!

SC Ya’ on the Streets,
Michael Albee – Prez

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