MN12 EEC-Tuner Installation



Remove the passengers side kick panel and the glove box. Using a 10mm socket remove the one nut holding the ECU’s wiring harness to the ECU. A white plastic bracket will be holding the ECU in place. Remove the one screw holding the ECU in place. Pull the ECU down and out. Lay the ECU on a clean flat surface and remove the 6 cover screws and the back cover to expose the inside of the ECU.


Open your MN12 EEC-Tuner Kit and insert the data cable through the service port of the ECU.


Connect the data cable to the MN12 EEC Tuners RJ11 connector.


Next, insert the MN12 EEC-Tuner J4 connector over the ECU’s J4 adapter.


Lay the board down inside the ECU and place the cover back on and tighten the 6 screws.


Use a strip of duct tape to secure the data cable to the side of the ECU.


Reinstall the ECU back into the car and run the data cable through the glove box. You have now finished the hardware installation of the MN12 EEC-Tuner.



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