HangoverFest 2003

By Michael Albee (Jan 1, 2003)
With temperatures hovering in the low 30’s, (and wind chills in the single digits), over 300 drag cars and street cars took advantage of dry weather to spend the day racing and practicing at Cordova Dragway in Cordova, Illinois.

The annual event is call HangoverFest, and when you pay your $10.00 entry fee you also get free aspirin to relieve your New Years Eve pains and an event can cooler in case you want to have a few cold ones in the stands.

A group of hearty club members and friends arrived shortly after 10:30 and by 1pm there were about 250 vehicles making passes down the quarter mile. One official said they had upwards of 300 cars in the pits at about 3:30. There was even a Snowmobile and quad-runner making passes.

We took advantage of the day to meet several new friends and fellow Tbird owners and we hope to see them later this year at club events and at the Club Clash.

Here are some pictures from HangoverFest!

Staging Lanes Olds 442 Burnout 442 Launch
V8 Mazda w/ 2 Four Barrells Lincoln Red Thunderbird LX
11 Second Snowmobile Snowmobile Time and Speed Black Turbo Coupe
Zippy in the Staging Lanes Zippy Launching the Killer Cougar Quad Runner
Opel GT 2 - 1962 Chrysler New Yorkers V8 Fox Body TBird
Casey in Staging Casey Making a pass Fred vs and LX Tbird

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