Midwest Ford Shootout

Cedar Falls Raceway
June 28th, 2003


mfs1What a great day for Drag Racing! The temperature was in the Low 80’s and we had a nice little breeze out of the west to keep us cool.

The Event was called the Midwest Ford Shootout, and people came from all over the Midwest just to be a part of it. The event was sponsored by MustangCentral.net, Cponygo.com, Glory Days Racing, MidwestFords.org, Twin Cities Stangs and our club.

By race time there were about 100 cars in the field. They ranged from 1965 Mustangs to 1995 Super Coupe’s, and from Big Block Torino’s to 4 Cylinder Contour’s. There were even a few Non-Ford vehicles “in the house” for “feeding on”.

mfs4Our little corner of the world included 7 cars, and when we got there we were joined by two T-Bird owners from the Chicago area. We all had a great time, (even though our times were all off about a half-second), and it was fun to meet some new friends a visit with some of our old ones.

There was some great action on the track as you can see from the photos below. In between passes, we all went up and watched the “Open Comp” rounds. In our group, Tony was the only one who entered, but unfortunately he was taken out in the opening rounds.

mfs2After the event ended we all went out to eat at an Italian Restaurant down the road from the track. We had 17 in our group but our hosts were more than willing to serve us. We had to break up a little, but we all had a great time and I don’t think anyone came out hungry. The food was delicious and the service was exceptional.

The next major club event will be held on July 12th. That is the date of the next Club Clash. It will be a bracket race event like our others and it will be held at Cedar Falls Raceway. Gates open at 1:00, Racing starts a 2:00.

Don’t forget, club t-shirts and club hats are now available. See the Club Apparel Page for more information.

So far, this summer has been packed with all types of events and we’ve had a pretty good turn-out at most of them. We realize that not everyone can make every event, but if you haven’t made it to one of our events you have missed out on a lot of fun.

If you have any other Ideas for outings or things we can do as a group, we’d love to hear them! Drop me an Email!

SC Ya’ on the Streets,
Michael Albee – Prez

Don’t forget ….
…. to mark you calendar so you won’t forget about our next club meeting. See our Upcoming Events page for the date, time, driving directions and the location maps.

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