Resetting the Oil Change Indicator on the VVM

Posted on SCCoA by DarrylO
The VMM monitors engine oil temperature and engine tachometer signals to measure quality of oil and indicate when engine oil should be changed.

The green bar under OK on the oil change display is lit for 0 to 89% of the oil change cycle, the word SOON under the word CHANGE is lit for 90 to 99%, the word NOW is lit for 100 to 115%, the word NOW is lit and flashes for 17 seconds when the ignition switch is turned on after 115% of the oil change cycle.

The oil change display will turn off after 15 minutes if the VMM receives no tachometer signal. This is a diagnostic precaution that could be caused by an intermittent connection or by the engine not being on.

After changing oil, the VMM must be manually reset:

  1. Turn ignition to OFF position.
  2. Turn ignition to RUN position, do not start.
  3. Within 16 seconds of turning ignition to run, depress reset switch through the access hole.
  4. The oil change display will flash, depress reset switch until the display stops flashing.

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