“Removing Swirl Marks From your Finish”

By Michael Albee

The best way to remove swirl marks is a THREE step process …….. after the car is washed that is!

It is very important to start with a clean car. If there is even one speck of dirt or one grain of sand on the finish, it will scratch the finish so bad that you will wish you never started this project. SO, HAND washing your car with a good quality car wash soap and drying it off real well.

buffer1). Using a LOW SPEED (1500 to 2000 rpm max.) polisher with a foam polishing pad, polish the finish with a high quality swirl mark remover. It is very important to use high quality product like “3M Finesse-It” or “Meguiars Swirl Remover” and be sure that it is for your type of finish. (Single stage color or Clearcoat finish).

As you do this step, TAKE YOUR TIME, if you haven’t got the time to do it, or if you rush this step, you might as well forget doing the job …… this is the most critical step and it must be done correctly.

During this step use light pressure and move the buffer in a tight figure 8 pattern. (Moving side to side allows the polisher to stop for a brief moment and it may cause burning of the finish when the buffer is not moving on the finish). Reapply the swirl mark compound as needed but try to keep the foam pad as clean as possible. It may be necessary to go over some areas of the finish several times to get all of the fine scratches and swirl marks out. When you are done with the swirl mark remover use a clean “dry towel” to dust the finish clean.

tn_waxing2). The next step is to apply a coat of Meguiars “Show Car Glaze” (#7) doing one panel at a time. (As you do each panel you will notice a big difference in luster compared to the panels that are not done yet). “Show Car Glaze” should be applied by hand and you MUST follow the instructions on the bottle to the letter. After you have gone over the car completely, DO IT AGAIN …..

OK, by the time you have done step two the second time you’re almost done …… by now you are about 2-3 hours into the project. (Depending on how bad the finish was when you started).

3). On the final step I suggest you use a Meguiars wax but you don’t have to. Apply two coats of wax, leaving about 5-10 minutes between coats. (This break between coats of wax will also give you time to enjoy a cool refreshing beverage of your choice).

Well, That’s it ……. Keep in mind that this process will not do anything for deep scratches, dents, rush or paint chips. These should be repaired before you do the polishing for best results.

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