Replacing a Rear 1/4 Panel Glass

1989-1997 Thunderbird and Cougar

By Michael Albee

To complete this job you will just need to have some basic hand tools and some general mechanical ability.

First, remove the rear seat form the car. Then remove the screws from the interior panel and remove it. You will most likely also have to remove the step-plate trim in the door opening as well! With the interior piece removed you should now see the back side of the window. Notice all of the little gold nuts around the glass?!?!?! Good!!!!

Remove them and set them aside, you will be re-using them during the installation of the new piece of glass.

Now apply even pressure to the window from the inside. With medium pressure it should come out with slight resistance. (Note: It is best to park the car in the sun (or in direct heat), for about one (1) hour prior to doing this last step. The heat will soften the adhesive between the body and the glass and make it come out easier).

Once the old glass has been removed, clean the surface around the window opening with a light solvent (Enamel Reducer or Mineral Spirits) to remove the old glue, any dirt or any contamination.

To install the new window, apply the new seal kit (Available at any glass shop) to the body (not the new window), and press the new window down evenly until the threaded ends reach through the back side and into the interior of the vehicle.

Install the gold nuts and finger tighten. When all of the nuts are finger tight, slowly tighten each nut using a cris-cross pattern until the window is tight and sealed.

Replace the interior panel and the rear seat and you are done!

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