Replacing The Water Pump on Your SC

NOTE: Before doing any work under the hood it is advisable to Disconnect your Battery to avoid shorting out systems, the Battery or blowing fuses.

Section 1
Water Pump Removal

1. Drain cooling system.
2. Remove the upper radiator hose.
3. Remove electric fan/shroud assembly.
4. Rotate main accessory drive belt tensioner with a wrench or breaker bar and remove main drive belt.
5. Remove water pump pulley.
6. Remove power steering pump pulley (Use approved Pulley removal tool).
7. Remove water pump to power steering pump brace. (2 nuts)
NOTE: It will also be necessary to remove the Charge Air Cooler (CAC) to gain access to power steering pump pulley. Refer to “Section 2” below.

8. Disconnect oil cooler tube and bypass hose.
9. Disconnect heater hose at water pump and disconnect lower radiator hose.
10. Remove upper crankshaft sensor cover.
11. Remove water pump retaining bolts and pump. Discard old gasket.
CAUTION: If using a prying device to assist in water pump removal, be careful not to damage the mating surfaces on the block.

NOTE: Lightly oil (or Anti-Seize) all bolt and stud threads before installation. (Except those specifying special sealant).
1. Clean gasket surfaces on water pump and front cover (block surfaces).
2. Position a new gasket on water pump sealing surface.
NOTE: Gasket and Trim Adhesive D7AZ-19B508-B (ESR-M11P17-A and ESE-M2G52-A) or equivalent is recommended to hold the gasket in position.
3. Position water pump on the front cover and Install retaining bolts.
Tighten retaining bolts to 20-30 N-m (15-22 lb-ft).
NOTE: The threads of the No. 1 water pump retaining bolt (See Image below) must be coated with Pipe Sealant with Teflon® D8AZ-19554-A (ESG-M4G194-A) or equivalent before installing.
4. Install upper crankshaft sensor cover.
5. Position main accessory drive belt over the pulleys.
6. Connect cooling bypass hose, heater hose, oil cooler hose and radiator lower hose to water pump. Tighten clamps securely.
7. Install water pump to power steering pump brace and install Power Steering pump pulley. (Use approved Pulley Installer tool).
NOTE: If removed, install Charge Air Cooler (CAC) assembly. Refer to (Section 2).
8. Install water pump pulley, electric fan/shroud assembly.
9. Rotate tensioner and install drive belt.
CAUTION: This engine has aluminum cylinder heads and block. It requires a special corrosion inhibiting coolant formula to avoid cooling system damage. Refer to Owners Manual for the coolant specifications.
10. Fill cooling system with specified coolant.
11. Start engine and check for coolant leaks.

Section 2.
Charge Air Cooler Removal
1. Remove four retaining nuts connecting upper and lower CAC tubes to CAC.
2. Slightly loosen upper CAC tube (inlet tube) nut at generator/power steering pump bracket.
3. Remove CAC retaining screw and washer assemblies.
4. Push down slightly on CAC to release retaining clips.
5. Remove CAC from vehicle.

1. Apply gasket sealant tape (Teflon®) to CAC tubes.
2. Position CAC in retaining clips and align with outlet tube.
3. Install CAC retaining screw and washer assemblies. Tighten to (3-5 lb-ft).
NOTE: Ensure air boot fits squarely to CAC with no gaps.
4. Connect outlet tube and connect inlet tube making sure that the tubes seal properly. (Improperly connecting tube will cause Supercharger failure.
5. Start engine and check for proper operation and leaks.




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