Dan Mehlhorn’s
1990 Thunderbird Super Coupe

dan-frtI’ve had my Bird for little more than a year and I’ve named her, Elvira.

Elvira was not treated well by previous owners. Since I’ve owned her, she has needed a new transmission. (Someone put an AOD out of a F-150), The F-150 AOD can’t stand up to the Super Coupe’s engine.

She also got a new all Aluminum radiator, a new high pressure power steering hose with a new rack and pinion, a new IAC, new brakes and left rear wheel bearings.

dan1The tires were B. F. Goodrich Excentia Touring. Well, those wore off the rear in 9000 miles. (Without laying rubber that is). I’ve even had to replace the pins and bushings in both doors.

As far as improvements, the air silencer has be removed, as well as the mufflers. I’ve painted the “Thunderbird SC” on the rear bumper cover with gold paint, and touched up the black trim too. I’ve mixed and matched a number of different tire combinations. So far DunlopSport 4000s on the rear have been the best but I’m still trying things.

For winter I have a discontinued set of Hoosier GT’s on the front and a pair of Uniroyal Tiger Paws on the rear. That combo worked well in the mild winter Iowa had last year, so I thought I’d at least start out with them this year. I’ll try different tires as I can afford them.

dan-side2For external looks, I’ve changed the hood out in favor of one with a better paint job. I put on a deflector that really changes Elvira’s looks. In the future I’ll be outlining the gold letters on the back bumper cover with a black outline and touching up the black trim once again. Other future plans include Fix the paint chips and dents, Install 73mm MAF, Install the relay for the headlights, Install some REAL fog lights and do a sound system upgrade. (I got a Premium Sound head unit from a 96 to replace my 90 unit, but it isn’t working yet.) I also purchased a rear deck wing. (Not a ricer type of wing). After that I will be doing a upgrade on the exhaust system. Then, if I have any money left after the wife divorces me we’ll just have to see what else we can find to do! 😉

– Dan –
Email: PCD90Tbird@yahoo.com

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