Dave McGlaughlin’s
1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

Dave at WorkDave McGlaughlin is one of our club’s founders, and is SCCoA member #1221. On the SCCoA EZ Board he is known as “DD Iowa”. Or “Super Dave” as the technicians at the local Ford garage call him … he’s a regular there.

Dave joined the SCCoA in early 2000, and has owned his 1993 SC since the spring of 1997. He had to drive 250 miles (round trip) to purchase his vehicle. It was the only one in the state that had a decent price, and that his wife could drive if she needed to (auto). On that eventful day, it had 53K on the odometer. Since this is his “daily drive”, he has racked up an additional 70K on it.

Prior to his SC, he owned a 1988 T-Bird Turbo Coupe. “I guess I got the T-Bird bug from my dad.” He too, while Dave was growing up, owned a 1968 T-Bird, a 1978 T-Bird, and a 1982 T-Bird.

Dave, overall, is a pretty laid back person, with a very strange sense of humor. Just ask his wife, Jeanna … she’ll attest to it. What spare time he has, he enjoys spending with his wife and 4 children, Sherry, Mike, Morgan and Jared. He currently serves the Eastern Iowa Airport, located in Cedar Rapids, as a Police Officer, ARFF (aircraft rescue fire fighter), and also as an EMT (emergency medical technician). He also is a Lieutenant on the North Liberty Volunteer Fire Department.

Rear View of Dave's Custom BumperWith his career, volunteer work, and time with the family, he has very little time to “tweak” his SC. He says that he spends more damn time and money keeping the #~!+*:% thing running, than he (or his wife) wishes to discuss. He recently put a rebuilt motor in due to the inevitable head gasket failure. He is now on his second rebuilt motor…the first one had a cracked block – and now the second motor is also leaking oil! He says he has spent way too much money, for a regular SC engine, that still isn’t right! Warranty repairs will take care of it … eventually … he hopes!

With four children, trying to save for a larger house, and keeping the SC running, he hasn’t been able to modify the bird as much as he would like to. He currently has:

  • Air box removed
  • 3:73 rear end
  • 245 / 50s
  • Upgraded music maker
  • Competition LTD harness w/ lights
  • Fire/EMS emergency white hide-away & blue aftermarket strobes, that use the fog lamp rocker switch for activation
  • Wig-Wag Headlights
  • And his favorite …… he removed the rear bumper, securely mounted a Buick Somerset Regal taillight assembly, and then routed out the “THUNDERBIRD SC”. The end result …. AN ILLUMINATED BUMPER!

Dave Rear Bumper At Night!He has received numerous compliments on the bumper…even from Mustang owners, who are looking into doing the same thing themselves.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

Since he plans on keeping his SC for a long time, his future plans for modifications include:

  • Replacing parts, pieces, and assemblies as they break off or wear out.
  • Removing the last child seat…finally
  • Rebuilding the auto tranny (not because he wants to) and slipping in a shift kit, along with a different torque converter.
  • Saying goodbye to the stock resonator, and replacing with a more free flowing aftermarket one.
  • Possibly a larger MAF intake.
  • Refinishing the yellowing headlights
  • Rear louvers (they were cool in his day)
  • Tinting the side back windows
  • Add a rear spoiler
  • A couple of more “lighting projects” are currently in the works, and will hopefully be done before the “first ever” National SCCoA meet in September
  • Bra (to hide all of the dings/chips)
  • Sunshield lettering across top of windshield
  • And eventually, a ram air hood, and some “snappy” looking rims

He estimates by the time all of the modifications are done, he’ll probably be close to retirement…bankruptcy…or 6 foot under. He must also add, that it is very helpful to have an understanding wife!

If you have any comments or questions for Dave, you can reach him at home ddjmmac@cs.com, or at work dmcglaughlin@cedar-rapids.org.

Happy motoring from a fellow SC owner,
Dave McGlaughlin!

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