Rose & Loren Moes’
35th Anniversary Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

moes3Our bird was Rose’s daily driver for a long time. We bought it new in February of 91. We had look at it several time at Zimmerman Ford during that summer. They actually had two in stock, this one and one with an auto trans. That one is still around town and pretty much beat to crap!

We have all the little goodies that Ford sent to us after we bought it. We have tried to leave it stock. It has been hard!! We also have a ’69 Mustang, That’s what the Mustang is for -so I can PLAY. We did powder coat the wheels as the paint finish would wear off these rims and look like crap. Our plates read MYT 90 (mighty 1990). We love the car!!

Since joining the club, we have enjoyed getting together to do the Annual Fall Cruise, (we thought it was great), the Freedom Festival Parade and other club outings and meetings. Rose even said I did more speeding the day of the cruise than I do in a year!! YES, it was fun!!

Loren Moes

Webmaster’s Note to all readers: We really weren’t speeding! We were just “taking advantage of some very light traffic conditions” ….. ;o)

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